Easy Inspect Web Inspection System

Modular Solutions for Highest Quality Standards and Process Control The EasyInspect systems are 100 percent high speed and high performing web inspection systems that detect and locate surface imperfections on web material with widths ranging from 50 mm up to 8 m.
The modular optical set-up of EasyInspect consists of:

Extremely high sensitive CCD line cameras or laser scanners with a wide range of resolutions High performance LED illumination units with customizable wavelengths and extreme high light intensity to enable inspection at high web speed Wide range of illumination concepts for special applications Depending on the material parameters and the inspection task the configuration of the hardware modules can be adopted to each individual application.

An innovative imaging system provides defect information for evaluation in real-time and passes it on to the analyzing software, which also has a modular structure to guarantee a defect classification optimized to individual material types. The defect information is immediately visualized in a convenient, ergonomic form on a monitor. By this perfect overview of the quality results and development the line operator can react fast on process deviations. Warning thresholds can signal him to take correcting steps before costly material loss occurs.

EasyInspect offers an interface for easy data access and export. A network connection to a customer server ensures that the inspection results are available for long-term process and quality analysis.

Easy – From Initial Project Planning to After-Implementation Service The Dr. Schenk web inspection systems are user-friendly, employ the latest digital signal processing, and provide outstanding flexibility. By combining individual hard- and software modules, all kinds of web inspection systems can be realized. Dr. Schenk is proud of offering a complete solution for quality assurance and process control. Qualified project teams guide manufacturers from system planning to the final installation into the production line. The Dr. Schenk product trainings and technical service round off the EasyInspect package that follows two main objectives: technological precision and long term customer satisfaction.


More on EasyInspect applications in the web industry…

Inspected Materials:
Coated Products
EasyInspect Provides
High sensitive camera technology
Lighting systems unmatched in the industry
Defect mapping
Defect density analysis
Simple and easy to configure reports
Defect classification
Enhanced streak detection
Statistical data analysis
Detailed defect imaging
Fast delivery and integration
Easy setup and operation
Low operating costs
Rapid root-cause analysis
Process optimization and yield enhancement
Improved product quality
Saves labor costs
Higher customer confidence and satisfaction

Detection of:
Coating Voids
Tears And many more…

EasyInspect Software Features:
Defect Images (2D and 3D images)
Defect list sorted by class
Real-time defect map
Real-time statistical defect analysis
Roll history
Easy data access and export