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Gel / Black Speck / Defect Troubleshooting in Polymers Seminar

March 12-13 2014

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Jorgenson Machinery Corp. is proud to supply the following lines of polymer processing products in the polymer and plastics extrusion industry:

PerkinElmer, is the leader in thermal analysis for the polymer industry. They offer a wide line of instrumentation including their highly regarded Jade and Diamond model DSC instruments which analyze melting points/profiles, glass transition (softening point) , thermal history/processing conditions, crystallization temperature, rates, times, percent crystallinity, among other attributes.

Dr. Schenk designs and manufactures in-line and off-line vision inspection and gel and defect counting systems for quality and process control of plastic film.

Future Design designs and manufactures blown film components such as the Saturn air ring, air manifolds, internal bubble cooling systems, bubble break sensors, width controlers and their patented bubble guide.

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